How does it work ?

Inside the combustor is a special designed and patented propane/LPG burner. The burner is only active after the blower has been activated. So from the moment that the blower creates an airstream, the combustor starts heating this air. The combustion of propane in combination with the compressed air from the blower creates a kind of plasma air stream. The exit on the machines is 30 x 150 mm wide and there are no flames coming out of the device, only hot air in a range from 180 to 300°C.

It is important to note that we don’t heat the weeds so much that the roots will be killed. The roots will be killed because we destroy the cell structure of the leaves, so it’s drying out and can no longer produce photosynthesis.

If a plant doesn't have photosynthesis, it doesn't grow, and will die.


Important: The Weedy Combustor can be used on almost every kind of slightly adapted leaf blower.

What are the benefits of a hot air stream?

It is reducing the danger of creating open fires. We have all seen the pictures and articles in the newspapers from people that accidentally burned down their homes and gardens because of the use of torch burners to remove weeds. A moving hot airstream below 400°C can’t create a danger on spontaneous combustion of grasses, dry weeds or leaves. The hot airstream of the Weedy however damaging the cell structure of the leaves and therefore, these will dry out and turn brown.